Tepuy Properties & BPS Development started with the purchase of a single building for our outdoor products company in Louisville, Colorado in 2013. Right away our investors saw the benefits of investing in commercial real estate and suggested we search for a second and then a third building. We had the benefit of our skills acquired while building a 25 retail store chain across five countries in Latin America: negotiating leases, performing TI, maintaining and operating multiple locations and last but not least working with a large and diversified group of investors – these skills seamlessly translated to managing a real estate portfolio.

After the third building our investors started spreading the word to their friends and family members and we realized we were providing something of value: the possibility of investing -and benefiting from the many tax benefits- in large commercial real estate projects that an individual small investor does not have the ability to locate, finance, purchase and operate on his or her own.

From this start we have grown to 413,000sf & 80 tenants across 14 properties and we continue to listen to our investors, now 125 of them, as we look for new opportunities for them.